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Show Reel

Here's a collection of some of my favourite professional & personal projects from the last year. Ensure the sound is on, sit back and enjoy!

Subway Ride

Created using numerous AI tools such as Midjourney, Topaz & Photoshop. Inspired by Toronto's TTC.


Panic Stations. A race against time to deliver the cargo ship in one piece.


A poor merchant trader undergoes his daily commute across the plains.

Out Of Office

Mistakes were made.  Smoke & Fire simulation created with X-Particles.

Ignore The Noise

A perfectly lopping visual of a man on a mission.

The Dark Side

A new power is rising. Will the Dark or the Light prevail?


A battered ship navigates a tricky route through an asteroid belt. Created with Cinema4d.

The Force

May the force be with you. Music composition created by Nick Olsouzidis.


Does it have to make sense? I think not. Noodle simulation created with Cinema4d rope dynamics.

Dune Bashing

Some more AI exploration. Created using Wonder Dynamics.

Shoot Day

Bespoke fashion creation and commercial  visuals.

Crisp Technique

Who's actually got the skills. Me or the Bot?s a

Big Pappa

Big boi featuring Cineam4d Hair Simulation.

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