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Mistakes Were Made

If you're not a fan of heights, 'Mistakes Were Made' is probably not a visual you will enjoy! Originally a cloth simulation experiment, this 3D animation showcases some environmental lighting and aggressive cloth and wind simulations. I created the outfit in Marvelous Designer, fit it to my character which I animated inside Cinema4D, and simulated some turbulent forces blowing the garments in every direction. The fisheye camera I chose displays more of the surrounding elements and gives an up close and personal view of the character in free fall.

Out Of Office

I created this digital 3D animation 'Out Of Office' inside of Maxon's Cinema4D. As the character navigates the aftermath of a disaster, his realistic clothing, which was simulated inside of Marvelous Designer, dance and fold in reaction to each stumble. The lifelike smoke and fire VFX were simulated using Insydium's X-particle and lend truth to the catastrophic narrative. Every texture and surface in the scene was handcrafted using my own personally designed bump, displacement and roughness maps that enhance each frame. This animation delivers a visually striking narrative that pushes the boundaries of 3D realism and is brought to life by the rendering power of Redshift.

Hanging Out

'Hanging Out' is a 3D animation I created to showcase some environmental lighting and bespoke texturing. Through tools such as Cinema4D, Marvelous Designer and X-Particles, I brought to life the satin shirt blowing aggressively in the high altitude winds. Through the fisheye camera lens the viewers are treated to a unique perspective, enhancing the immersive experience.


Strap in as the character pilots his one-man spacecraft, navigating through chaos with smoke billowing, sparks flying, and alarm bells blaring. Check out the dynamic simulation of the character's attire which was created using Marvelous Designer's cloth simulations, while the immersive scenes come to life with the intense visual effects of Insydium's X-particles. The meticulously designed ship and surrounding environment were textured and surfaced to tell a vivid story. Redshift's rendering prowess takes center stage, adding the layer of authenticity to the scenes. 'Cockpit' is a testament to the seamless fusion of technology and artistic expression, inviting viewers to experience the thrill of danger and excitement as they soar through the vast expanse of space.


Born and bred for the stage, these energetic, colourful creatures were created inside Cinema4D with it's native Hair simulator and rendered using Redshift. They made their first public appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show, supporting Canadian singer Kiesza performing her single 'Passenger' and have never left the spotlight, entertaining crowds from all over the world on various platforms.

The Force

‘The Force' is a 3D animation born within Cinema4D. Immerse yourself in this dynamic visual showcasing a Jedi-style character, skillfully wielding his lightsaber through the baron landscape. The character's attire, simulated smoothly inside of Marvelous Designer, adds a touch of realism, while the radiant glow of the lightsaber and falling environmental elements are brought to life with the magic of Insydium's X-particles. Every texture and surface is a canvas of artistic expression, featuring bespoke bump, displacement, and roughness maps. The rendering power of Redshift adds the finishing touch, elevating the cinematic experience to new heights. 

Shoot Day

Shoot Day is a portrait-format 3D animation created inside of Cinema 4D. As the character models this bespoke, detailed outfit, the scene is illuminated by camera flashes, which were added in post using After Effects, capturing the essence of a high-energy photo shoot. The garments which were simulated inside Marvelous Designer, react seamlessly to the character's poses and movements. Each flash of the camera highlights the personalized textures, and creates a contrast of striking and glamorous modelling against the old grimy background. 


I'm in love with the intricacies of digital simulations. This short piece contains almost 2 million individual particles that are effected by custom turbulence, gravity, wind and collision settings. Created using Insydiums X-Particles inside Cinema4d and rendered using Redshif, it's one of my favourite personal works to date.

Ignore The Noise

Strutting down a bustling pier, exuding an air of calm amidst the chaos surrounding him, my character's dynamic animated walk explains the narrative itself. Observe the intricacies as the character's attire moves naturally, simulated with precision in Marvelous Designer. The vivid scenes come to life with an artistic touch, showcasing a world of motion and detail. 'Ignore The Noise' offers a unique perspective, focusing on the character's individual journey amid the bustling environment. Every texture and surface I created contributes to the immersive experience, enhancing each frame. Redshift's rendering power elevates the cinematic experience with light flares, glows and streaks.

The Dark Side

Crafted in Cinema 4D, the character wields a lightsaber with malevolent intent. The character's motion was animated to convey an unsettling energy. The intricacies with which the character's attire moves can be credited to the simulation power and precision of Marvelous Designer. The scenes come alive with a haunting artistic environment I created by scattering rocks and mounds around the large crashed spacecraft from which the simulated smoke plumes rise. Every texture and surface in this meticulously designed world serves to intensify the immersive experience, each frame enriched by Cineam4D's native hair simulation. This animation delivers a visually striking narrative that delves into the ominous side of the Force.


I had a blast simulating these Noodles as Cinema4D's rope dynamics take center stage. 60 individual objects gracefully fall and interact with each other, as they are dynamically simulated without errors or intersections. Against a dark and grimy backdrop, the bright colors of the noodles create a striking contrast, enhancing the visual impact of each dynamic movement. The meticulous use of Cinema 4D's rope dynamics not only adds realism but transforms the animation into a symphony of vibrant, intertwining elements.


Created with Unreal Engine and Metahuman, the lines between digital work and real life are beginning to blur. lluminated by the brilliance of Lumen, this piece exemplifies the limitless possibilities of digital artistry as the technology moves forward.


Tailor-made for Figs' online store, showcasing their latest range of healthcare apparel, these digital 3D garments were created using Marvelous Designer. Elevating the shopping experience with cutting-edge fashion presentation and style.

Puffer Shoot

The puffer jacket here takes center stage, showcasing the intricate details of a personalized textures. Illuminated by bursts of camera flashes, added in post-production inside After Effects, the oversized puffer jacket, simulated within Marvelous Designer, flawlessly responds to the character's every pose and movement. Each camera flash becomes a spotlight, accentuating the jacket's unique textures and creating a captivating contrast between glamorous modeling and the backdrop's aged, gritty aesthetic.

Snap Strut

Crafted within Cinema 4D and rendered with the dynamic capabilities of Redshift. This visual spectacle features a radiant character confidently striding down the catwalk, striking poses with an air of elegance. The character's attire, simulated with precision using Marvelous Designer, adds a touch of realism to each graceful movement. This piece was created for Snapchat and displayed at the WWD Retail & Apparel Summit., 


Drawing its name from the rich culture of the Fremen in the Dune series, this piece transcends boundaries to create a unique narrative of style. Each element  intricately weaves together threads of cultural influences, celebrating the beauty of diversity. From the vibrant hues inspired by traditional textiles to the avant-garde twists reminiscent of fantastical worlds, "Mahdi" is a testament to the harmonious intersection of imagination and heritage. This fashion piece is a vibrant tapestry that invites viewers to embark on a visual journey, exploring the nuances of cultural storytelling through the language of design.

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