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Out Of Office - Breakdown

"Out Of Office," is a 3D animation I created that captures the raw emotions of my character navigating the aftermath of disaster. In this breakdown I show my process of creating a 3D animation of this style and quality.

I meticulously designed the clothing, creating a tangible quality to the character's struggle with precision in Marvelous Designer. Witness the seamless interplay of fabric as the character stumbles down the road, each movement telling a story of survival against the odds.

I created dynamic and lifelike elements, such as the billowing smoke and roaring flames, through the powerful simulations of Insydium's X-Particles. The result is an immersive experience that hopefully transports viewers into the heart of my narrative, where danger and fortune coexist in a delicate balance.

Cinema4D served as the canvas for this digital artwork. The rendering process was brought to life through the capabilities of Maxon's Redshift, adding a layer of visual richness and atmosphere that enhances the overall intensity of the scene.

"Out Of Office" is not just an animation; it's my exploration of storytelling through the lens of cutting-edge technology. Step into a world where the boundaries between my reality and imagination blur, and emotions are palpable in every frame.

Head Scrambled - Breakdown

I designed "Head Scrambled" using the technological power of Cinema4D and it's native deformers. Check out the description of tools I used to create this animation below.

Experience the character's head responding to the audio beat with funky yet captivating bounces and deformations, achieved through Cinema4D's soft body simulations, powered by it's native Turbulence and Jiggle deformers. This unique effect adds a touch of complexity and surrealism to the otherwise simple motion.

The textures adorning the astronaut helmet's glass face shield were personally crafted inside of Redshift, employing a combination of bump and roughness maps and blenders. These textures come to life as the head jiggles and deforms, introducing an additional layer of visual depth.

Rendering the animation using Redshift brings life to the visual. The result is an immersive experience that showcases the nuanced potential of 3D animation. The animation invites you to a rhythmic dance where technology and creativity harmonize. 

Photoshop AI - Tutorial

Unlock the power of Photoshop's AI Generative Fill. In just a few simple steps, I guide you through the process of effortlessly expanding your images with this cutting-edge feature.

Discover how to harness the magic of AI as I demonstrate the ease of transforming a basic image into a more expansive and detailed composition. The images featured in this tutorial were crafted using Midjourney AI, adding an extra layer of creative depth to the tutorial.

Photoshop's AI Generative Fill opens up new possibilities for creatives, allowing you to seamlessly extend the content of your images with natural and convincing results. Follow along with clear, step-by-step instructions as I showcase the simplicity of this powerful tool.

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