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Digital Artworks

Explore my collection of 3D animations, created using Maxon's Cinema 4D and rendered in Redshift. This immersive experience is further enriched with the creative touch of Marvelous Designer, Insydium's X-Particles and finally Adobe After Effects, weaving together a tapestry of innovation and artistic expression.

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Motion Graphics

Dive into this collection of motion graphic creations. The fusion of skills using Adobe's After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, Maxon's Cinema4d and Redshift, and Insydium's multifaceted particle simulations elevates standard graphic design, animation and digital product display. From enhancing brand identities to mesmerizing visual effects, each composition embodies it's own unique and memorable style.

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IMG_4291 2.JPG

AI Assisted Artworks

Journey through the digital frontier with this collection of animations crafted using cutting-edge AI tools. The synergy of art and technology is brought to life with the assistance of Topaz Labs, Midjourney, Photoshop AI, and other innovative artificial intelligence software. Each animation is a testament to the fusion of creativity and advanced algorithms, pushing the boundaries of digital expression.

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Artistic Breakdowns

Check out the behind-the-scenes breakdown of my creative process and workflow, peeling back the layers to reveal the craftsmanship and technical ingenuity that goes on in the background. Gain insights I dissect the intricacies of design, animation, and the seamless integration of tools. This journey offers a unique perspective on the fusion of art and technology that underpins each of my visuals.

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Scroll through some of my favourite urban photography shots, taken on the streets of Dublin and Toronto. I love to manipulate light and dark, playing with lens flares and bokeh to capture the dynamic and contrasting elements of these bustling environments. From the initial street-level photography to the meticulously edited final result using Adobe Creative Suite, discover how each image is carefully crafted to convey the specific mood and narrative I intend, offering a glimpse into the unique stories woven within the city streets.

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